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City Hall Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Peek - Chesapeake City Hall Building
A peek at the Christmas tree inside of the Chesapeake City Hall building.

Snack Time

Veggie Tray - A Delicious, Healthy Snack
I have to admit, I love junk food. Yes, I'm a junkaholic. But this time, I thought I'd be good and buy something that wouldn't leave me feeling so guilt-ridden if I indulged myself, so I bought this veggie tray for us to snack on. And yes, I have to admit, without the dip, this wouldn't be half as tasty to me, but it was quite good!

Farewell, Jordan Bridge

Jordan Bridge Will Officially Close November 8, 2008
Today the Jordan Bridge officially closed at 8 am. The bridge has major structural deficiencies that posed dangerous traveling conditions that were too costly to repair (repair estimates were around $300 million), and so officials have decided that they will close and demolish the bridge. A memorial will be erected at the site of the bridge in the future. The Jordan Bridge has provided a way for travelers to cross from Portsmouth into Chesapeake for the past 80 years, and its closure will likely have a negative impact on already troublesome traffic conditions during peak times at the Downtown and Midtown Tunnels.

As a way to alleviate some of the resulting traffic tension, the local transportation company HRTransit is offering a new bus route starting in Chesapeake that will take passengers to various points in Portsmouth via I-464. The new bus route will be open as of Monday, 11/10/08 at 5:30 am and will cost $1.50 per ride. The fare to cross the Jordan Bridge was just $.75 one way, so the new bus service will cost passengers double what they were used to paying when crossing the bridge. You can find more information on the the new Jordan Bridge alternative bus route and timetable on the City of Chesapeake website. If you happened to purchase a ticket book for the Jordan Bridge, the City of Chesapeake will be issuing refunds for the unused tickets. More information regarding Jordan Bridge ticket refunds can be found on the City of Chesapeake website. For other information and some frequently asked questions, visit the City of Chesapeake Jordan Bridge page.

I will personally miss the Jordan Bridge, as it is provided me with a great alternative to the Downtown tunnel. Although the bridge would get backed up and I would have to wait, I still enjoyed taking it to my job in Virginia Beach and my dentist's office in Chesapeake. Even more than that, there is a park with a playground on the Chesapeake side of the bridge that I used to take my kids to during the summer which we affectionately called the "Jordan Bridge Playground". The playground is still there and open, but we will just have to go a round-about way to get to it now, opposed to just crossing the Jordan Bridge from the Portsmouth side and then immediately turning into the park.

I can't wait to see the memorial that they will erect in the location; until then, farewell, Jordan Bridge.

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